Hydesville Garden Club, Quin Weber and Krista Viggers

Happy harvest!

I met Quin Weber while taking a Sustainable Organic Agriculture class at College of the Redwoods — when we were introducing ourselves to the class Quin said she had read Michael Pollan’s book Omnivore’s Dilemma and felt like she wanted to learn about the local food system.  In talking during our breaks I learned about this project that she and Krista were involved in at Hydesville school — seriously, Quin knew where the rubber hit the road, you can see the results in the smiling faces of the children.  To listen to the interview with Quin and Krista, click here.

Hydesville Garden Club

Preparing the asparagus bed

Garden in July in full force

Adding Llama Manure, great source of nitrogen -- who knew?!


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