Humboldt Regeneration, Jacob Pressey

Years ago I interviewed Jacob Pressey about Humboldt Regeneration — he was just getting started with the project — a CSB — Community Supported Brewery.  Now he is receiving recognition as being the first California grown beer — and he grows much of the raw materials on his farm.  I know what you are thinking — grain is typically seen in super gigantic swaths of the great plains — farm equipment is programmed with GPS and each pass of a combine can be a quarter of a mile long — how the heck do you grow it in Humboldt.

Well — oddly enough — Humboldt used to be known for grain growing — winning many State fair contests with the varieties grown right here.  Talking with some old-timers in Hoopa, they talked about how the hills were once covered with wheat — which shocked the heck out of me!  So really — by growing wheat we are just coming home to something we do well here anyway.

Listen to the interview with Jacob Pressey

In the meantime check out his website!

Jacob Pressey, Humboldt Regeneration

Jacob Pressey is starting a new business in Humboldt called Humboldt Regeneration — it will be a CSB, a Community Supported Brewery.  So, you get the picture, you get a growler — and bring it in to refill it every week with a new blend of beer (blend?…as you can see, beer isn’t my beverage…yet…) You buy in one month at a time — sound like something you’d like to do?  Check it out…

Interview with Jacob Pressey