Home Canning and Food Preservation

Update November 5, 2012 — The next Master Food Preserver Program will meet every Saturday in Feb – Mar 2013 from 9a-3:30 p.  The program will be help at the Northcoast Co-op Community Kitchen in Eureka.  The cost is $150.  Deadline to apply is January 8, 2013 — and there is a mandatory orientation meeting in the evening once selections are made.  You can contact Deborah Giraud at the University of California Cooperative Extension at (707) 445-7351 for more information.

I come from a long line of canners — I can’t see fruit dropping from a tree without wanting to go up to the door to ask the owner if I can pick it.  I can more than anyone could possibly use when there is produce available — sometimes I can, sometimes I freeze, I just can’t stand to see people throw away good food. Join us for research based information on food preservation and become a volunteer to help others learn as well.

jars of cherries

Cherries from So Hum

Produce canned

Cherries, tuna, chili dillies, jam and more cherries