Lisa and Laurence Hindley, Hindley Ranch

I heart gluten — I know, there are some of you that just can’t digest the stuff — but I just love it, love saying that bread is the staff of life, and eat it every day.  I got turned on by local wheat when Shakefork Farm started growing it many years ago — and I knew from talking to some oldtimers in Hoopa, that Humboldt County used to grow lots of wheat — but when farmers had to “get big or get out” the small wheat farmers were pushed out of business.

Kevin and Melanie Cunningham, John LaBoyteaux, Dan Primerano, and the Hindley’s are some of our new grain pioneers — and people like Rhonda Wiedenbeck from Beck’s Bakery and Jacob Pressey from Humboldt Regeneration (BEER!) make sure that it ends up in local products for us all to enjoy (and, if you want to make your own bread with it — Rhonda sells that too, at the farmers market).

The Hindley’s have a farm out in Honeydew and have been growing local wheat.  Listen Here — you can visit their Hindley Ranch website