Abalone Diving, Frank Onstine

IMG_1509 IMG_1510If you’ve lived in Humboldt for any length of time you have eventually been invited to an abalone feed of some sort — I’ve had various experiences with that, one involving bear meat and abalone…let’s just say the abalone was great.  The bear meat that had been pressure cooked for hours was still so tough I got my front teeth stuck in it and had to pry them out.

The abalone, in fact, has always been great — everyone has their favorite way of preparing it but generally it involved deep frying after some combination of wet, dry, wet or dry, wet, dry had been applied (like eggs being wet, flour being dry, milk being wet, panko being dry, etc etc etc).  I’m afraid you could deep fry a flip-flop and it would be good too — so I am a fan of well prepared fried food.

I am not, however, a fan of entering the ocean and gathering up these crazy beasts.  That’s what friends are for — and so Frank Onstine has become a friend to many by gathering up abalone from the Fort Bragg area for years.  To hear more about Frank and his pursuit of abalone, listen here!


Blue Lake Winery, Frank Onstine

IMG_1514 IMG_1515 IMG_1517I learned about Frank Onstine from my good friends Jerry and Gisela Rohde.  Frank has a small winery — Gisela called it a Nano-Winery (so obviously smaller than a Micro-Winery)…in fact Frank is his only employee — which means he does everything that needs to be done including being Chief Bottle Washer.  He also has some very good friends who volunteer to help him when he needs it — and payment is getting to hang out with Frank (who is a very interesting guy — soon I’ll be posting an interview we did about Abalone Diving — and I’m sure I’m just at the tip of the iceberg)…and nice meals with great wine.

After you listen to the interview here,  drink up these photos!  You might want to buddy up and get in on the making and drinking of wine!Bluelake winery bottling crew Blue Lake Winery dinner table

Check out his facebook page