Dawn Walker and Natalie Ferris, Forage Apothecary

Dawn Walker and Natalie Ferris are concocting edible medicinal treats from our friend, the cannabis plant.  Like they say — a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down — so many of these edibles are on the sweet side — and most people aim to cover the skunk-like flavor of cannabis with other flavors and textures.  Of course right now Forage Apothecary is walking the fine line and that was clear as I asked questions and they tactfully dodged many of them.  We did talk about the high CBD cannabis vs. the less fun high THC cannabis — and finding the correct dose so people can find their happy place, and be able to return to the here and now when ready.  As California moves closer to legalizing cannabis for recreational use Humboldt will be on the forefront of the edible industry, and I’m sure Forage Apothecary is gearing up to be ready.

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