Locally Delicious, Suzanne Simpson

Love those Heirloom Tomatoes…you know the ones I mean, those women and men of Humboldt County who are working together to improve the local food movement…formally known as Locally Delicious!  They have produced two cookbooks and have raised money to pay farmers to produce food for Food for People (our food bank).  If you would like to know how to contribute, listen here.


A Place at the Table, Anne Holcomb Food for People

We ALWAYS look forward to having Food for People Executive Director Anne Holcomb on for an interview — she has such a wonderful caring presence and she, and her staff, work so hard to bring good high quality food to Food for People.  She is so good at getting people to help out that I don’t think I know one person who hasn’t volunteered for Food for People at one time or the other.  When she called to say she wanted to talk about a film they were hosting called “A Place at the Table” I was down for the cause!

The Food for People website is here in case you want to volunteer too!

The interview

Chef Karen Phillips — Cooking Classes for Food for People

To listen to an interview with Chef Karen Phillips click here

Food for People – Anne Holcombe

On August 26, 2011 we aired a new interview with Anne Holcomb, Executive Director of Food for People — to listen, click here.

Anne Holcomb is the Executive Director of Food for People.  For more information about Food for People, check out their website at www.foodforpeople.org

To listen to the interview with Anne Holcomb:


This show aired on the KHSU Homepage on July 3, 2009