Michelle Wyler CAFF; Heather Plaza and Johnny Gary Organic Matters Ranch

A relatively new development in Humboldt County is making it easier for people to get fresh local produce with their CalFresh Benefits.  Until recently, the only way people could use their CalFresh benefits to buy directly from the farmers was to go to the Farmers Markets.  Last year CAFF helped local farmers who have CSAs or Farmstands to accept EBT, AKA CalFresh Benefits.  Currently there are 4 farms offering this opportunity — Organic Matters Ranch, Redwood Roots, Shakefork Farm and Deep Seeded Farm — but hopefully this will expand.  With the rural nature of Humboldt County, many of us live many miles from the nearest grocery store, but close to a farm.  This program could provide oasis in the middle of rural food deserts.  Want to know more?  Listen here

Erin Derden-Little, Community Alliance With Family Farmers

There are so many items that are heavily processed — items that loosely fit the description “food” since they are mostly by processing the real food right out of them — and the companies that make these foods spend more to market these items than what they spend for the ingredients that go into them.  Now let’s look at the lowly beet…delicious to many, unknown entirely to many more…who is speaking up for the beet, and for the beet farmer?  Well the Community Alliance With Family Farmers (CAFF)  is one of the organizations that is working on this very issue.  And — our very own Erin Derden-Little is at the forefront of this effort.  Erin leads the Know Your Farmer and Farm to Cafeteria Programs in the Humboldt Region. One of the things those big-time marketing agencies knows is that you must make it as easy as possible for people to purchase you product — and Erin has been working hard to make this a reality in Humboldt.  To find out more, check out the website for CAFF — and listen to the interview with Erin.

Community Alliance With Family Farmers – Soiree Fundraiser

Community Alliance with Family Farmers Humboldt County Chapter provides an annual fundraising dinner to raise funds for local farm to school programs.  To find out about the 2009 Soiree, listen the the interview.  For more information about CAFF, see their website at www.caff.org/humboldt


Community Alliance With Family Farmers – Michelle Wyler

Michelle Wyler, Regional Planner for Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) in Humboldt County, is working on ways to help farmers be successful.  Specific projects include a guide that lists local farmers and the types of produce they offer.  CAFF is also working to promote local food use in local institutions such as schools and hospitals — which presents some interesting regional difficulties due to the small size of our institutions and the need for farmers to plan ahead.

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This show aired on the KHSU Homepage on July 10, 2009

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