Jim Hughes, Brick and Fire Bistro

Sitting down at the Brick and Fire Bistro and looking at the menu is like sitting in my kitchen and imagining what I’m going to make for dinner.  Using fresh veggies from the garden or the farmers market rules the majority of “what’s for dinner” at my house — and it is also true at Brick and Fire Bistro.

The first time I went to that location, when it was in one of the many incarnations before it became the rock-solid Brick and Fire — I couldn’t believe there was a restaurant in that part of town.  I’m used to finding restaurants next to shops in the most dense commercial spaces of the city (any city, not just Eureka) — but Brick and Fire is a neighborhood bistro.  A place within walking distance of many residences — and short driving distance for the rest of us.  And — they have a brick oven!

You can check out the menu of Brick and Fire on their website, and listen to the 2-part interviews with owner Jim Hughes. Part 1     Part 2