Cafe Phoenix, Conny Pena and Breon Hole

I know this is going to seem strange, but I rarely go out to eat.  Sure, I shop local, I grow a lot of food, I process local food for long-term storage so I can eat local all year long — but I just don’t go out to restaurants much.

Mostly the problem with eating out is expense – Living simply just doesn’t allow for a lot of expensive habits…and the other part of that is, I’ve found that we can cook great food at home for a much more affordable price.

So, now that I’ve said that — I have a group of former co-workers (from the Public Health Department at the County — we call ourselves Pubbies) and we meet for lunch once a month.  Hallelujah! someone recommended we eat at Cafe Phoenix and I had been wanting to try it out because, while I don’t normally interview restaurant owners, Conny Pena and Breon Hole have created a farm to table menu and are working hard to source local.

I can honestly say I have never seen such lovely works of food art as that which was delivered to our table. Check them out below!  To listen  Cafe Phoenix

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