Josh Bergen, JoshFox Bread

Ah seriously — who doesn’t love someone you’ve never met before who arrives for the interview carrying two freshly baked loaves of old world style bread and a box of cookies.  After thanking Josh Bergen (whom I mistakenly called Josh Fox), I sneaked back to the studio and Jessica Eden and I broke open the box of cookies — three varieties!  which to try first?!  Cocoa Rye Crinkle, 100% Whole Grain Oatmeal Raisin, and  100% Whole Grain Chocolate Chip Cookie — Oh yeah — and we remembered to take photos after the box was…mostly empty!  IMG_1521

The loaf of bread I took home IMG_1522You are so lucky I remembered to photograph that before it was all gone too.  I smeared it with a big slab of butter (my grandmother used to say that I applied butter like some people apply cheese to a sandwich…was there something wrong with that?)  My new favorite butter is Rumiano — very inexpensively priced at the co-op but you have to buy it in a 1 lb block…obviously I don’t have any problem with a block of butter that size!

So here is the deal — Josh sells his bread to his faithful followers — how do you become a follower?  Text him — I know, I know you luddites — but trust me, it’s worth it.  He will text you a list of what he is baking up — you tell him what you want off that list (in a text – get over it already) and tell him when you will pick up your goods within the time frame he has told you.  Then you go to his home — yes, his home — where he bakes up these wonderful miraculous chewy — oh I salivate — anyway — go to his home at 1372 Lincoln Ave #A in Arcata, and pick them up.  His text number?  914-582-8806 — email at

In Bread We Trust — listen here!IMG_1523