Kyle Shamp and Travis Franco – Eureka High School Ag Program

I still can’t believe my unbelievable luck making contact with Alissa Sarvinski.  The daughter of local farmers and an Agriculture instructor in Humboldt County, Alissa has been my mentor in all things Agriculture in the schools.  A while ago she invited me to a meeting of Ag teachers from Humboldt and Del Norte counties, and introduced me to them.  I was able to share the information about the Food for Thought film series which will be completed this fall (with any luck and about a zillion hours of film editing).

Anyway, I digress.  Alissa hooked me up with Ag instructor Kyle Shamp and his student Travis Franco.  Travis is working on a beekeeping project for his class at Eureka High School. While many children throughout the US are laying on the couch playing video games, Travis is learning about bee biology, harvesting honey, and tending his hives.  To hear more about Travis and his teacher “Mr. Shamp”  listen here!