LeeAnn Moore – Wiyot Food Traditions

You probably remember LeeAnn Moore from past interviews with her about her local business Oceanside Jams, and of course LeeAnn is also a Master Food Preserver with the University of California Cooperative Extension and was one of the founding mothers of the local chapter of that program — LeeAnn grew up in Humboldt and is a member of the Wiyot tribe.  

Living in Humboldt you can’t help but get a sense of the geographic region of the local Indian tribes — and I always think of Wiyot people as being from around Humboldt Bay, but actually the region is quite a larger than I originally thought.  south to the Bear River Ridge, east to Chalk Mountain, then north to Berry Ridge and all the way up to Little River.  Of course this is an incredibly bio-diverse region — and I was interested in learning more about the traditional foods that LeeAnn grew up with.  Listen Here.


This program was supported in part by the Northwest California Tribal Communities Extension Program, a USDA funded project through UC Cooperative Extension of Humboldt and Del Norte Counties

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