Grace Brosnahan, North Bay Shellfish

I still remember my Oceanography classes at Humboldt State University where I surprised myself by getting a minor in the subject.  I’m attracted to the ocean, I guess many of us are…but I come from Portuguese fisherman stock, so how is it I can retch just hearing people tell stories about being on the ocean?  The waves go up…and down…and up…burp…

So let’s move on to Oysters.  For many years I thought I didn’t like them — going out to dinner with people who scarfed them down raw and snotty — so it wasn’t until Leroy Zerling barbequed some up with his special sauce that I found that I just love oysters.  Especially those small Kumos, I’ve been know to eat a dozen or so at a setting.

Now there are many oyster companies operating on Humboldt Bay and I’ve only had the opportunity to talk to a few of the owners, but Grace Brosnahan I’ve known for years!  but never realized she was married to an oyster-man.  Now you know who I’m going to for my next sack of Kumos!

Check out the website and listen to the interview.

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