Daniel Draskinis, Gold Nugget Ghee

Talking with Daniel Draskinis I found out I needed a little hipness infusion.  Apparently young hipster professionals have been drinking up “bulletproof coffee” and I’ve never heard of it.  A little ghee in your coffee?  I guess so!  Apparently it helps the gray matter retain factoids — sort of makes sense — the brain is a big fatty deposit with occasional bouts of thought…maybe mine could use a boost too!

But putting ghee in my coffee?  It certainly doesn’t hurt that Daniel makes a chocolate ghee, why yes!  I think I will!  Daniel gave me a jar of ghee and next morning I scooped some into my coffee.  For those of you who say…as I did…won’t it be a little creepy to have an oil slick on my coffee?  It really didn’t bother me, it was in fact pretty darned tasty — and I did feel much more articulate and smarterer when I finished it (I did that for you!).

Daniel is whipping up gigantic batches — well, gigantic compared to things I do in my kitchen, he’s still small batch compared to the mega-corporations. If you want to know how much is in a batch I guess you’ll have to listen to the interviews — so much good stuff there are 2 parts!  You can also check out his website.

Part 1

Part 2

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