Kevin Patzkowsky, Heart’s Leap Winery

Many times when guests come in to the KHSU radio studio for an interview, they bring samples of their products.  It is always a treat to have such a bounty, but it was super bounteous when Kevin Patzkowsky came into the studio.  He was bearing 3 bottles of wine — and one of them had that look I savor.  It was so recently bottled that it didn’t even have a real label on it, but 2016 Dry Riesling was written on the bottle.

Kevin reminds me of one of the main things that I love about Humboldt County.  People here are multi-dimensional. I’ve often said that the most interesting people on the planet live in Humboldt.  Sometimes circumstances like a shaky economy will force people to take several jobs to make a living (not as romantic in real life as it may sound).  I think that just the fact that many people have several jobs creates a norm that says it’s ok to explore areas that are outside of our traditional jobs.

So…Kevin is a contractor!  And a wine-maker!  and he makes some darned fine wines — so be sure to check out his interview, and his Facebook site  to find out where you can get a hold of a delicious wine that was crafted by a true Humboldtian, with many talents!



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