Cliff Clendenen, Clendenen’s Cider Works

One of my sweetest memories about Clendenen’s Cider Works is not one where I’m drinking the cider myself (although I do love ice cold cider on a hot day and vice versa as well).  My husband spent many years as a police officer in the Friendly City of Fortuna.  I guess when you are a police officer everything isn’t as friendly as it might seem…but that’s another story.

My husband has never been able to stand hot weather — and Fortuna can get toasty in the summer.  Imagine being really hot, carry about 20-30 lbs of extra equipment all of the time, and wearing a bullet proof vest (yes, back then it was optional equipment but I insisted…) — he would describe with great joy going to Clendenen’s Cider Works and buying an ice cold carton of apple cider and drinking it down in one go.  Cooling the body from the inside out — it doesn’t get any better than that!

So of course it was a pleasure to talk with Cliff Clendenen about the family business and learn a bit about his family roots.  His son Drew is following in dad’s footsteps so we should be able to gulp down the icy cider on hot days for many more years.  To listen to the interview with Cliff, click here.

Check out their website here!

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