IMG_1361 I know — I normally write about interviews with local food producer — but then there are times I get rambunctious and make something a little out of the ordinary. IMG_1360 Like Miso!  I got the recipe from a book by Sandor Katz, renowned guru of all things fermented.  I made a batch — and about 16 months later it was ready! And so I decanted it into individual jars and…well…I had a lot of miso.  I don’t use that much miso — and I still didn’t know if I made “good” miso — so I gave some to my friend Michele Harrison.  She and her partner eat a lot of miso — and she gave me the stamp of approval.  IMG_1362So…I made more!  I made four times as much — two crocks full to the top.  One I made in the traditional way with soybeans — and the second I made with Paul Giuntoli’s Swedish Brown Beans.  it will be ready in September 2017.  Stay Tuned…

IMG_1497 IMG_1498 IMG_1502 IMG_1503


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