Caterina Lewis-Perry and Michael Kein, Fresh Roots Humboldt

I met Caterina Lewis-Perry and Michael Kein when I strolled into the screening of a film about urban farms at the Jefferson Community Center in Eureka.  The community center was bustling with activity — small children were coming out of child care, and women and men of all ages were streaming into the room for the screening.  I arrived early (“as usual” I can hear my friends saying) and tucked myself in exactly in the center of the room near the projector for best viewing.

We watched the film and ate the nice healthful snacks that were prepared — and after a lively discussion ensued.  All of us were wondering — how do we make this work?  how do we feed people who live in the heart of the most urban areas of our cities, including Eureka.  Areas that are known as being “food deserts” devoid of real shopping areas that offer fresh produce.

Caterina and Michael talked about their small CSA located on the small plot that their home is on.  There, in the heart of the food desert, was an oasis!  Imagine the possibilities!  If lawns were turned into gardens, and if city ordinances were food friendly (water issues, farmstand issues, bee issues, chicken issues….you know…), we could have these lifelines running throughout cities — like arteries or veins…ok, enough with the metaphor.

I introduced myself to the group explaining who I was and why I was there — and Caterina graciously said “oh!  we love your show!”  Whew — sometimes I do wonder if people listen.

To hear more about what Caterina and Michael are up to listen here and check out their website.

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