Slice of Humboldt Pie, Amber Saba, P-nut Thompson

Slice of Humboldt Pie  Much as I love Arcata, 60’s By the Sea as I affectionately refer to it — it is probably a good thing I don’t live there.  I would be a regular (over indulging) of Bittersweet — which is a co-operated business with Slice of Humboldt Pie and The Local.  Slice of Humboldt Pie offers, you guessed it, Pie!  But — what type of pie? you might ask — Savory pies and sweet pies — my very favorite (ok, I haven’t tried them all so that might change) is the Buffalo Wing empanada with the blue cheese dipping sauce.  I am salivating as I am typing –are you salivating?   They are so darned cute and satisfying — with really rich flavor and with the small plate choices you can try lots of different things and share with friends.  When I went there for lunch we all got something savory and then passed around a  generous sized piece of banana creme pie and all got to taste it — heavenly.

Now here is something else you might not know — they sell pie crusts too!  So if you want to bake a pie, don’t trust your crust-making skills, don’t want to subject your friends and family to Pillsbury — you can but a crust!  Don’t do gluten?  no problem, they have gluten-free crust as well.

Now I haven’t even started talking about the hard ciders The Local offers — which!  pair perfectly with the pies (how did they know that would happen?! )  I had a little Rhubarbarian with my last lunch — mmmmmm!  I came late to the world of fermented beverages and think that hard ciders are my favorite.

Listen here for the interview with Amber and P-nut!

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