John Short, College of the Redwoods Educational Farm

How lucky to have the opportunity to interview John Short, the relatively new Farm Manager for the College of the Redwoods Educational Farm in Shively.  If you haven’t heard me wax on about how I love the farm down in Shively, well…you haven’t spent near enough time with me.  As soon as I can convince the administration to put a couple of yurts on the property, that is where you will find me — at least in the spring, summer and fall.  As we know — rains in Humboldt can cause flooding and that is a location I would not want to be during a the winter.  But hey — 3 seasons gives me plenty of time to settle into my yurt.

The Shively property is 38 lovely acres — a nice orchard for your apples including some nice heirloom Etters varieties.  The greenhouse is a great place to escape on a cold spring day — heating up in spite of outdoor temps.  There are plenty of animals — sheep, goats, chickens…and maybe more — some of the best turkey I’ve eaten in my life came from the farm, and if they raised turkeys I would be first on the list.

If you want to get a taste of farm life without too large of a time or monetary commitment, sign up for the 1 unit class.  Load up on the CR van once a week and head to Shively to wrangle animals, plant or harvest crops, pick apples, put up fences — and generally anything a farm needs to do.  CR Farm Shively 

Listen here for the interview with John Short!


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