Jim Cotton, Food Growing and Foraging

One of my very first blog posts complete with photos showed “Jim and Kim’s garden” in Arcata — they have a small slice of heaven in the bottoms and the amount of produce they get out of it is astounding.

While I used to be the Garlic Queen among my friends, Kim usurped the throne many years ago, growing dozens of varieties of garlic.  Kim can hardly wait for the new garden supply catalogs to arrive and eagerly dives in to order varieties we’ve never heard of.  When my crop was completely wiped out by rust — she supplied me with seed garlic to start over — and vice-versa.  Since the early days of garlic rust, Kim has beat the rust by planting later (we used to plant on Indigenous People’s Day FKA Columbus Day) — but now we plant in late November or early December.  It works!

Both Kim and Jim are foragers too — gathering mushrooms, mussels, clams, crab, fishing for salmon — they both have a passion for locally produced food, and for knowing the land and what it has to offer.

Listen here for the interview with Jim Cotton

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