Humboldt Kimchi – Sarah and Gailee Han (aka Mama Han)

 Gailee was a little worried when I wanted to pop the top on the home-made kimchi she brought to the studio — and yes, I was a little worried about the other KHSU volunteers that used the space.  I mean — they might not understand that the permeating odor of fermentation meant there was something delicious — crunchy, spicy, and definitely Korean to be had.  Kimchi, for the uninitiated, is a product that uses our friends, the Lactobacillus, and salt — to make a pickled product.

Now, as I understand, Kimchi in Korea is different from house to house — each woman (and possibly man) making their own unique flavor combination that includes cabbage and other vegetables, a paste of spicy peppers, possibly seafood, and possibly meat.  Gailee and her daughter Sarah are using peppers grown on grandma’s balcony in Korea — but the hope is they will find some locally produced peppers to make their Humboldt Kimchi truly Humboldt.  Already they are sourcing their vegetables from local farmers — and are working out the kinks on all of the regulations and certifications so we will all be able to eat some of this delicious crunch spicy goodness (If your mouth isn’t watering — you need to get your salivary glands checked!) —

Listen here

Keep an eye out for Humboldt Kimchi facebook page — coming soon to a market near you…if you live in Humboldt!


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