Humboldt Honeywine, Paul Leslie

If you are like me…you’ve tried mead — and generally found it to be very sweet and cloying — and next time someone offered you a taste of mead…well, you passed.

I am so glad I didn’t pass when I went to the Saturday Arcata Farmers Market and tucked away in a tent that sort of reminded me of the middle east somehow — I saw Paul Leslie was offering tastes of Humboldt Honeywine.  (If you are a long-time Humboldt resident — you also enjoy the play on the words Humboldt Honey).  I tasted it and  experienced a complex myriad of flavors that completely took my taste buds by surprise.  It wasn’t dry — but it certainly wasn’t the sweet honey flavor that I expected (was very happy about that)…I really really liked it!

So give it a try and keep an open mind — even if you haven’t liked honeywine or mead in the past — Humboldt Honeywine might just be your next big find —

Listen Here and check out  Humboldt Honey Wine Facebook Page


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