David Winnett, Winnett Vineyards in Willow Creek

Image owning a winery of your own — well, not just a winery but a vineyard too.  I’m thinking about that Kianu Reeves film Walk in the Clouds, makes you want to stomp grapes like Lucille Ball in that old I Love Lucy episode!  So they grow the grapes and make the wine — they also planted some olive trees and Henry Robertson has been curing the olives off the trees.  All of this in lovely Willow Creek California!

Well I interviewed David in a 10 minute session on the Food for Thought show — but soon realized I didn’t even scratch the surface of his knowledge and experience about wine and food…so don’t be surprised if we hear from him again in a future episode, or 2 or 3…

To check out their website

Listen Here


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