Cris Hollen, Folie Douce

Folie Douce — translated by some to be Magnificent Obsession — is a restaurant that has not only been using local produce in the menu, but has been describing them in great detail…even before the word locavore was commonly used in every day conversations.  Cris has a passion for gardening and farming so you know that she cares about where the food comes from.

How do I know Folie Douce?  well…in my previous life I had a job in Arcata and would walk by the restaurant.  You can see the kitchen from the window on the street, lovely balls of dough proof in the warmth of the day right before your very eyes — waiting to make the pizza upon which I gauge all of my home-made pizzas.  The kind where the crust is not just holding up the ingredients but is a taste treat itself — and the ingredients are highlighted in their own way — never the gooey mozzarella that hangs in sheets and would stretch to the door and back.  Always a fine display of excellent quality ingredients that each have their own intense and beautiful flavors to be enjoyed on their own.   Gad, can you tell I haven’t had lunch yet today?  And I do love a well made pizza!

With all restaurants that serve locally sourced food, compliment them on that when you order — otherwise how would they know you care?  Check out their website or Listen here!


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