Cannibal Island Creamery, Lori Hansen

What a pleasant surprise I had this year at the Farmers Markets to see a new face, Lori Hansen’s.  Lori has been raising goats for milk for over a decade, but this year decided to diversify her operation and put in a new creamery on her Cannibal Island ranch.  She is making a lovely chevre which she has been selling plain as well as herb blends, and will soon start selling her feta cheese (I will be lining up for that for sure!)…

There are many theories about how Cannibal Island got it’s name — but rest assured that none of them involve consumption of human flesh…despite the popularity of all these zombie movies!  It is actually a lovely spot down by Cock Robin Island in Loleta.  How do I know where it is?  well I know a good deal when I hear one — and not only am I buying chevre but have been the shoveler of several loads of goat manure for my garden.  Win-win!

Not only is Lori selling her cheese directly to customers like us — but more and more restaurants are picking up her cheese and putting it on the menu.  Luke’s Joint in Arcata was the first on board — and others soon followed.  And now Lori has printed up some T-shirts with the lovely logo..

Check out their facebook page or Listen to the interview

Cannibal Island Creamery T-Shirt

Cannibal Island Creamery T-Shirt


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