Potowat United Indian Health Services

I don’t really like to go to the doctor, I mean, who does?…but I have to say that United Indian Health Services Potowat is my idea of a dream health center.  Everything was so well thought out, the shape of the health center with a healing garden in the center, walking trails in a nature area so you can get your exercise in beautiful surroundings, the structure itself is based on local Indian design and the walls are made of concrete that were formed using old growth redwood timber — and you can go up and touch the sides and still not be sure that it isn’t made of the actual redwood.  It is perfect — and the things that pushes it over the edge to ultimate perfection for me is that there is a farm onsite.  Yes, I love a farm, I love to see things growing — I love to see farming and food production integrated into caring for health, what a brilliant concept!

To listen to the Head Farmers T Griffin and Ed Mata talk about Potowat, listen here.

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