Boujie Bakery, Cassie Forrington

I kept running into people who were talking about Boujie Bakery and Cassie Forrington — Beer Kissed Treats?  I had to know! — and then the kicker, when I went to Living the Dream Icecream in Old Town and had Beer Brittle in my ice cream.  You know I like brittle, but here’s the thing — so many foods these days have so much sweetener added that they no longer have any flavor.  So…making brittle with beer was right up my alley — and could be up your alley too.  And if you are lactose intolerant, no worries, you can just buy the brittle and eat it directly out of the bag!  Fancy Schmancy Goodness indeed!

News from Boujie Bakery — Cassie’s fabulous beer kissed caramel sauces have just been picked up by Whole Foods!  Cassie is having a kickstarter campaign (deadline March 18th!) to gear up for the heavy production requirements — to help Cassie, click here!

To listen to her share her experiences having some of her products accepted by Whole Foods, and working with kickstarter to raise money for this next phase of operation, click here

Check out Boujie Bakery

Listen to the interview here

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