Noah Corp, College of the Redwoods Bianchi Educational Farm

College of the Redwoods Bianchi Educational Farm — whew, it’s a mouthful!  But WHAT a farm!  An idyllic haven from the city, Shively California can only be reached by a windy, somewhat scary country road.  Around each turn you might come face to face with a logging truck or a herd of seemingly wild goats, so take it slow — but definitely head out for a visit.  Once a year the farm hosts an open house, complete with a taste of farm grown produce.

turkey turkey 2 tractor sausage plant tree fence

Do I sound biased?  if not, I should.  I have taken several classes out at the farm — it’s where I injected my first goat, eviscerated my first turkey, built my first electric fence, pressed my first apples — ok, you get it, I had a lot of firsts out there.  It is a shining gem of an organic educational farm, donated to CR for the purpose of teaching people how to raise animals and raise crops. So much to talk about there are two interviews to listen to.  Hope to see you out at the farm sometime, and if not there — check out the Farmers Market at the College of the Redwoods campus twice weekly (TBD at time of posting)

College of the Redwoods Farm

Part 1 Listen Here

Part 2 Listen Here


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