Kathryn Vanderpool, Fisherman — F.V. Pursuit

Kathryn Vanderpool has been fishing for several decades on the Fishing Vessel Pursuit — while she has fished for salmon and crab in the past, these days she fishes for albacore.  To listen to the two-part interview with Kathryn Vanderpool, Part 1   Part 2

The FV Pursuit is a family fishing vessel, big brother Kyle teaching little sister Melinda how to pull an albacore on board, note their hands are covered by “nippers” we make out of diving material to protect our hands from the monofilament.  The boat pulling forward, the fish pulling away from the vessel.

Grandson Kyle pulls an albacore aboard — note the jig with the colored skirt

Kyle pulls in a nice albacore

A fish ready to go into the hold…so maybe we can have it for dinner tonight?

Fish ready to go into the minus 30 degree hold

I know…this photo looks like it’s been doctored up — but no!  this is what it looks like out at sea — a special evening aboard the FV Pursuit!

Heavenly views from the FV Pursuit


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  1. bob uetz said,

    November 15, 2012 at 5:15 pm

    went to school with Kyle, helped him one his first boat the howard k.

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