Heidi Hansen, No Knead Bread

Heidi Hansen is Saint Heidi as far as I’m concerned. 

About 2 years ago, Laina (my co-worker in a previous life) told me about a revolutionary way of making bread.  Everyone loved it, it came out perfect every time.  Now…I make good bread…and have occasionally made great bread — the kind you gobble down as soon as it arrives steamy from the oven with loads of butter…mmmm — (I’m salivating just thinking about it — but, back to the story).  Even though I was pretty sure about my bread skills but thought…what the heck, I can always learn something new.  Laina says that her friend Heidi makes the bread, it’s so easy to make — and involves a dutch oven.  I’m intrigued… and a 12-24 hour first rise and absolutely no kneading.  What?! — Ok — I’m in.

To listen to an interview with St. Heidi, click here — then, go buy a 5 qt cast iron dutch oven if you don’t already have one and start baking!  Seriously beautiful delicious bread (use Shakefork Farm rye and barley flour for 2-3 cups of total flour) that is great warm and as sandwich bread for the rest of the week (really!)

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