Juliette Bohn – Biodigester, Humboldt Waste Management Authority

Who knew?!  20% of the waste in our garbage cans is food waste.  Ok, some of you compost I’m sure and the amount is less than that — but, according to Juliette Bohn of the Humboldt County Waste Management Authority, most people don’t.  And — our garbage is getting hauled a long distance (Redding CA or White City OR) to end up in the land fill.  One possible solution is the development of a biodigester here in Humboldt County — want to know more?  Listen to the interview with Juliette

The first photo is the East Bay Municipal Utility District waste water treatment plant in Oakland CA — they are really pioneering food waste digestion in California.  This digester is part of a waste water treatment plant that serves a MUCH larger community than the communities served here in Humboldt County.

The second photo is the HWMA Hawthorne St. transfer station Eureka tip floor and the pile of trash which contains food waste and everything else.

The third photo is the elegant UC Davis pilot high rate organic waste digester system.  Efficient and awfully nice looking as well!

The flow diagram file is also attached so you can see what the HWMA Regional Food Waste Digester Facility and system would look like.

Flow diagram HWMA Regional Food Waste Digester Facility

East Bay MUD Plant


In Eureka -- where currently all food waste and other waste comes together...hopefully this will become a thing of the past!


UC Davis Digesters


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