Home Canning and Food Preservation

Update November 5, 2012 — The next Master Food Preserver Program will meet every Saturday in Feb – Mar 2013 from 9a-3:30 p.  The program will be help at the Northcoast Co-op Community Kitchen in Eureka.  The cost is $150.  Deadline to apply is January 8, 2013 — and there is a mandatory orientation meeting in the evening once selections are made.  You can contact Deborah Giraud at the University of California Cooperative Extension at (707) 445-7351 for more information.

I come from a long line of canners — I can’t see fruit dropping from a tree without wanting to go up to the door to ask the owner if I can pick it.  I can more than anyone could possibly use when there is produce available — sometimes I can, sometimes I freeze, I just can’t stand to see people throw away good food. Join us for research based information on food preservation and become a volunteer to help others learn as well.

jars of cherries

Cherries from So Hum

Produce canned

Cherries, tuna, chili dillies, jam and more cherries


  1. Simona said,

    December 11, 2009 at 12:40 am

    It sounds like an interesting project and I would like to know if it moves forward. I make fruit preserves and would like to do more.

    • myfoodforthought said,

      December 11, 2009 at 4:37 pm

      Hi Simona — We are looking at curricula and will be meeting after the 1st of the new year to talk more about it. We would start courses in Fall 2010 at the earliest. There may also be courses that Deborah Giraud at the UC Extension coordinates as well — this past fall she has provided a 1-day workshop and they canned tuna, blueberry jam, and tomatoes — it was enjoyed by all!

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