Ashland Oregon

My mom’s birthday in on the 4th of July — and this year we took a little trip to Ashland to see some Shakespearean plays and enjoy what food and fun Ashland had to offer. 

First — we stayed in this a sweet little house I found on — it’s called the High Street House.  Since I was looking at possibly getting 2 motel rooms (snoring issues for both of us) — it turned out to be about the same price and had all the amenities of home.  One of the cool things it has was a garden outside of veggies and herbs that we were encouraged to pick:

Raised bed in High Street House

Raised bed in High Street House

Of course tomato plants grow in Ashland — it was 105 degrees when we were there…help me I’m melting…
Lettuce in Raised Beds

Lettuce in Raised Beds

So…we were able to harvest lettuce and have a delicious salad one evening with some outstanding Oregonzola Cheese from the Rogue Creamery.  I highly recommend a visit to their retail store on Hwy 99, the road that parallels I-5.
and right next door to the Rogue Creamery is one of those fine chocolate shops…oh, I’m drooling as I think of it!  I bought the most odd items there — One piece of candy called the Elvis, peanut butter, banana, bacon, and some other things that didn’t seem like they belong in chocolate.  It was a taste sensation…not sure I want to repeat it often but that little candy went a long way with taste.  I bought a “Bacon Bar” — chocolate and bacon…haven’t tried it yet…it’s in my fridge waiting for an adventurous group of friends to divvy it up.  I also bought some truffles made with rogue creamery smoky blue cheese…I have to say I can’t really tell the difference between that flavor and the bacon flavor in the Elvis.  Each little chocolate is a work of art and…more drool…and is delicious!
Outdoor kitchen and dining area at High Street House
Outdoor kitchen and dining area at High Street House
OK — more about the food in Ashland — so many restaurants to choose from — we really enjoyed Dragonfly — but other food field trips included the Farmers Market.  I would go to any Farmers Market in any town! — it is a chance to learn more about the food culture of a place —
If you enjoy chocolate you might stop by the retail shop of Dagoba Chocolate located in Ashland — unfortunately we stopped by when they closed early on July 3rd in preparation for big 4th of July doin’s —
sorry I didn’t take more photos — Ashland, Medford, Central Point and Jacksonville are good eating towns! 

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