Bee Keeping – Dick LaForge

Dick LaForge raises bees locally and has taught beekeeping classes at Humboldt State University for over 10 years.  To listen to the interview with Dick LaForge go to:

Garrett Brinton will be teaching two Practical Beekeeping courses at HSU and one course at South Fork High School starting soon!  To register for either of these courses contact the Office of Extended Education, 826-3731 or 

Info from Dick LaForge: is the Home Page of the Humboldtbeekeepers Yahoogroup web site.  There are two main parts to the site.
Messages:  This is the email list.  All members can write messages and they go to all other members as email.  They are also archived on the Web Site under Messages.  This is for items of temporary value- the “bulletin board”.
Files, Photos, Members, etc.  This is where items of permanent value are kept, such as handouts for the Bee Classes.  The Files section is the reference library.  Items of temporary value do not go there.To Join:  Go to the above address.  Hit the Join button.  Answer if you want to  get the emails individually, in a daily digest, or not at all (you can still look at them on the Home Page).
In the Message box, write your name, and say you are a local beekeeper,  are in the Bee Class, etc.  You must be approved by a Moderator, who wants to know you are legit and not a spammer.  Approval  might take a day or more.* To post a message to this group, send email to, or
when looking at a message, hit “reply” to reply to that message, or
“start topic” to start a new topic (thread)

* To contact the moderator of this group, send email to

* To unsubscribe from this group, send email to

Etiquette:  Keep it to beekeeping, of course..
If you want to reply just to the sender of the message, reply directly to that sender, not to the group.  If we keep the clutter down the list will be more useful to all.


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